Episode 80: How to do a midlife refuel with Maryon Stewart

Maryon Stewart

Maryon Stewart is known as the pioneer of the natural menopause movement. She created a non-drug but scientifically based program to overcome issues associated with menopause and has helped thousands of women. She’s written 28 books and is also a campaigner for education around drugs. She’s made it her mission to ensure women have all the information they need to manage menopause effectively without the need for medication in most instances.

We talk about:

  • What it means to manage your menopause naturally
  • Why HRT isn’t the magic solution to hormonal issues
  • The need for a midlife refuel
  • The biggest nutritional deficiencies seen in midlife women
  • The most common issues women present with who come to consult with Maryon
  • The most embarrassing issues women are coping with
  • Maryon’s advice for low libido and vaginal dryness
  • How we can improve our diet and what it helps
  • Bloating in midlife and how to fix it
  • Why we can get more urinary tract infections and what to do about that

And more!

Find out more about Maryon:

Maryon’s website: maryonstewart.com

Maryon’s book: Manage Your Menopause Naturally


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