Episode 87: Midlife women rock with Breeda Bermingham

Breeda Bermingham is a social entrepreneur, founder of the Midlife Women Rock Project and has just published a wonderful book Midlife Women Rock: A Menopause Story for a New Generation.  She’s a former midwife and nurse so she knows a lot about women’s health. She also went back to full-time education at 49 and completed a psychology degree and a master’s in sociology. Pretty impressive huh!

This is a truly amazing conversation. Breeda moved me to tears with her wisdom and passion!

We talk about:

  • Why Breeda wanted to write her book and is passionate about changing the current narrative around menopause
  • Why it’s so important to change the narrative around menopause – puberty and pregnancy may be hard but the overarching narrative is positive – not so menopause
  • The importance of crushing the taboo and opening up conversations
  • How women have been silenced for too long 
  • The medicalization of menopause and the impact of the book Feminine Forever
  • Breeda’s Menopause Cafes in Ireland
  • The women interviewed for the book and the power of sharing experiences
  • Going back to full time education at 49 and how Breeda coped with that 
  • How women can take more control of their menopause experience
  • The importance of sleep for our long term health
  • How amazing women are before, during and after menopause!

And more!

Find out more about Breeda:

Breeda’s website: midlifewomenrockproject.com

Breeda’s book: Midlife Women Rock: A Menopause Story for a New Generation

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Breeda Bermingham

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