Episode 90: Emotional eating and drinking with Vicky Midwood

Vicky Midwood

Vicky Midwood is a health, nutrition and lifestyle coach who specializes in helping people with disordered eating or drinking. I know this is an issue for many women, especially as a coping mechanism in midlife, so I’m delighted to share Vicky’s wisdom and experience on tackling this.

We talk about:

  • The difference between disordered eating and addictive behavior
  • The common signs of disordered eating
  • Vicky’s own story of disordered eating and addiction
  • Why many of us use food and drink to help manage our stress
  • The impact of Covid on addictive behavior
  • Things that are common to sufferers
  • The shame associated with eating disorders and addiction
  • How to get off auto pilot when it comes to food and alcohol
  • How to self soothe without food and alcohol
  • Why balancing blood sugar levels is so important

And more!

Find out more about Vicky:

Vicky’s website: vickymidwood.com

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