Episode 94: Becoming the singing gynecologist with Dr Kristina Dervaitis

Have you ever wanted to do something completely different to what you actually do? My guest Dr Kristina Dervaitis is an obstetrician and gynecologist who has reinvented herself as a singer/songwriter and released a beautiful new album. Now she does both her passions and has modified her life to make that work. She’s battled with imposter syndrome and gone ahead with her dreams, and the result is sublime. We talk about her dramatic midlife reinvention.

We talk about:

  • When Kristina first wanted to be a professional singer
  • About her musical background
  • How she juggles singing with being a gynecologist
  • Her contraception advice on YouTube
  • The inspiration for her songs and how she comes up with the lyrics
  • Learning to dream again and stay open to possibility
  • Using writing to process pain and grief
  • Deciding not to have children despite working in obstetrics
  • What the future holds for her medical and singing careers
  • Doing the work to make dreams happen
  • Kristina’s advice for women who have unfulfilled dreams

And more!

Kristina’s website: kristinadervaitis.com

Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Spotify

Listen to her latest album: Overdue

Book mentioned in the podcast: The Healing Power of Singing

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