Episode 96: Living well with osteoarthritis with Dr Alyssa Kuhn

Dr. Alyssa Kuhn is a physical therapist and osteoarthritis specialist, and founder of Keep the Adventure Alive. She specializes in osteoarthritis treatment because she found people were getting premature surgeries and ending up with life-changing pain in their 40s and 50s because of this condition. She says this can be prevented when you know what options you have and other ways you can find pain relief, aside from surgery.

We talk about:

  • Why pain and weakness are not inevitable with age
  • How Alyssa got so passionate about this topic
  • What we can do to protect ourselves from pain as we age
  • Why osteoarthritis is a big issue, especially for women
  • How women can best cope if we get a diagnosis of osteoarthritis
  • How osteoarthritis differs from regular arthritis
  • How we can reduce the likelihood of developing osteoarthritis
  • What we can do to limit the impact of osteoarthritis
  • How to master arthritis naturally
  • What it means to still be able to adventure with osteoarthritis
  • What we can do about knee, ankle and hip pain

And more!

Find more about Alyssa:

Dr. Alyssa’s website: keeptheadventurealive.com

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