Episode 16: Embracing the midlife pivot with Valerie Albarda

Meet the incredibly inspiring Valerie Albarda, founder of Midlife-A-Go-Go and podcast host.  She’s on a mission to inspire women in midlife to be their very best. She wants us to enjoy the fabulous midlife and skip the crisis.

In this wonderfully upbeat interview we cover:

  • Valerie’s mission to inspire women in midlife
  • The Midlife-A-Go-Go podcast and what it aims to achieve
  • The value we have to give the world as vibrant midlife women
  • How midlife does not have to mean crisis no matter what Google might say!
  • Learning to accept the need to pivot to work with the situation we have
  • Racial differences in menopause experience
  • The trials of looking for work in midlife
  • Pushing back against limiting beliefs – our own and what society may suggest
  • Being a stepmom
  • The reverse empty nest

And lots more!

Find out more about Valerie and listen to her wonderful podcast on her website https://www.midlifeagogo.com/

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