Episode 10: Ending ageism with Ashton Applewhite - Magnificent Midlife

Episode 10: Ending ageism with Ashton Applewhite

Ashton Applewhite is an author, speaker and anti-ageism activist. Rachel discovered her work about three years ago and has been quoting her daily ever since. Ashton got a standing ovation when she did a main stage Ted talk called Let’s end ageism. She was invited to speak at the UN. She’s recently republished her book This Chair Rocks, A Manifesto Against Ageism.

In this amazing interview we talk about:

  • How Ashton never had a life plan or knew what she wanted to be
  • Why we worship youth in Anglo-Saxon cultures
  • The lack of products and services for older people
  • How we often don’t like to identify as being in midlife or older
  • How facing the ageing monsters is useful
  • How fears about ageing are totally out of proportion to reality
  • Our attitudes towards ageing affect how we age
  • The U-Curve of Happiness
  • How midlife is a time of reckoning
  • How ageism starts between our ears
  • How we need to be more generous towards each other and ourselves
  • When we compete to stay young we reinforce ageism, sexism and the patriarchy
  • How raising consciousness about ageing and ageism is key
  • Why we should be able to compete for 100% of the seats at any table
  • How to stop reinforcing the shame associated with ageing
  • Being aware of intersectionality when considering prejudice
  • The importance of language relating to age
  • Ashton’s knees and not blaming non-age related issues on age
  • Continuing the movement

And lots more!

You can find out more about Ashton on her website  where you can find out about her appearances, how to set up a conscious raising group and lots of other great stuff.

You can watch her Ted talk below.


Ashton’s Book

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