Episode 11: Fighting invisibility with Jane Evans

Jane Evans is the founder of the Uninvisibility Project and campaigning to end the invisibility that hits women as we get older.

In this fascinating and challenging interview we talk about:

  • How Jane’s own experience of  becoming invisible in the workplace lead her to set up the Uninvisibility Project
  • What the Uninvisibility Project is all about and the importance of highlighting older women and the great things they are doing
  • How we are losing out on a great skill base because of prejudice against older women
  • How old norms about ageing and women’s careers need to change in line with increases in life expectancy
  • The jobs available for women 50+ are often tend to be menial and professional women are having to do these to make ends meet
  • How women’s experience is terribly under-valued
  • Older women needing to continue the pioneering they began by entering many of the previously exclusively male professions
  • The advantages to getting older and changing perceptions
  • The silver reservoir of talent that is being wasted
  • How the lack of sexual objectification post menopause can change the dynamic in the workplace
  • Building a matriarchal model for new businesses
  • How to cope with feeling invisible
  • Reaching out and talking to other older women
  • How female competition does women no favors
  • Wrinkle creams don’t work – better to put your money into your pension
  • Changing anti-ageing to pro-ageing
  • Living longer and how to make the most of that
  • Finding the talented women who left work due to the toxic male work environment

And lots more!

Find out about more about The Uninvisibility Project and get involved!

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