Episode 12: Giggling about incontinence with Elaine Miller, Gusset Grippers

Elaine Miller is a pelvic health physiotherapist and stand up comedian. She’s on a mission to end incontinence through raising awareness, and laughing a lot along the way.

In this funny and enlightening interview we talk about:

  • How 1 in 3 women will suffer from stress incontinence
  • How 84% can be cured with just 6 treatments with a pelvic health physio
  • Funny stories from Elaine’s long career talking about pelvic floors
  • Elaine’s journey from physio to stand up comedian
  • What it’s like doing a show about incontinence on the Edinburgh Fringe
  • What we can all do to help ourselves with incontinence
  • How incontinence may be common but it is NOT normal

And lots more!

Find out more about Elaine:

Elaine’s website: gussetgrippers.co.uk

Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Instagram

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