Episode 14: Fighting fashion ageism with the-Bias-Cut founder Jacynth Bassett

Meet Jacynth Bassett, the founder of fabulous online fashion boutique, the-Bias-Cut, and an avid anti-ageism activist. She’s also still in her 20s but has a better handle on ageism than many women Rachel knows!

In this inspiring interview we talk about:

  • Why Jacynth gave up a law career to set up her business
  • How she came to be so interested in ageism
  • How Jacynth was inspired by her mother
  • The Ageism Is Never In Style campaign
  • Why it’s so important to fight ageism especially in the fashion industry
  • Why women of all ages should be able to wear whatever they like
  • How damaging it is to judge how anyone chooses to age
  • There’s no such thing as age appropriate when it comes to fashion and style
  • Not succumbing to ageist narratives or any stereotypes
  • Dressing to feel how you want to feel
  • The importance of being open to new ideas with clothes as we age

And lots more!

Find out more about Jacynth and browse her wonderful store at the-Bias-Cut.com

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