Episode 18: Professional bodybuilder at 48 – Amy Sutter

Amy Sutter, aka Sutter Girl, achieved her dream of being a professional body builder at the tender age of 48! She’s a very inspiring woman who accepts no limitation on herself. We talk about how she achieved her goal and what motivates her now to keep the sport alive and stay top of her game. 

We talk about:

  • The dogged determination that finally lead to professional status after a long journey
  • What drives Amy to stay in top physical condition so that she can continue to compete
  • The long journey to success and the people who helped her along the way
  • How Amy crafted a career out of something she loved swapping her side hustle for the main act
  • How she used her background in design to create a jewelry range to inspire herself and other fitness lovers
  • Amy’s passion for bodybuilding and keeping the sport alive
  • How life is different now she’s pro
  • How to eat well when you’re on the go
  • How to get yourself motivated when your mojo takes a walk

And lots more!

Find out more about Amy Sutter, her coaching programs and jewelry range on her website MoJoTiVation.com. You can also find her on Twitter @SutterGirl11 and on Instagram @mojotivation

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