Episode 20: The magic of menopause with Darcey Steinke

I was so excited to interview Darcey Steinke, author of Flash Count Diary. I loved her book and so many of her thoughts about menopause are similar to mine. It was wonderful to find a kindred spirit whose overall impression of menopause is so positive.

In this fascinating and very uplifting interview we talk about:

  • Darcey’s fascination with her hot flashes
  • How the book is about so many different things about midlife and menopause
  • How menopause can be a struggle but there is lots of richness to gain
  • Darcey’s startling realizations about the menopausal transition
  • How Darcey managed her own menopause symptoms and what helped most
  • How we may be more like our pre-pubescent selves post menopause
  • How we may live more of our lives being infertile than fertile
  • The tyranny of estrogen and what it’s like to finally be free of it
  • Fertility, menopause and the patriarchy
  • Appearance, visibility and the power of female friends
  • Calling out ageism especially at work
  • Anger and the lifting of the complicity veil
  • The marvels of whales and menopause
  • The evolutionary reason for menopause
  • How misogyny has lots to answer for on how we view menopause
  • How rethinking menopause and ageing can re-frame our experience of both

And lots more!

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