Episode 21: Midlife podcasting with Sarah and Julia of Menopodcast


I had such fun meeting Julia Frey and Sarah Auerswald, the co-presenters of Menopodcast. These two first met as children growing up on Maui. They moved to Los Angeles, worked in the film industry, set up businesses and are doing a massive job now raising awareness of menopause on their fabulously popular podcast. I’ve been a guest on their podcast three times! So it was lovely to turn the tables and find out about their midlife journeys. We had a lot of giggles. These two have so much wisdom and inspiration to share.  

In this fabulous interview we cover:

  • what it’s like hosting a podcast about menopause
  • why they are so keen to raise awareness
  • how it’s important to hear regular voices talking about menopause
  • going through menopause with young children at home
  • how the podcast grew out of blogging 
  • growing up on Maui and getting newspapers when someone flew in with one
  • surprising things about menopause
  • heart disease as the #1 killer of women
  • negative stereotypes around menopause
  • the opportunities of menopause
  • that Fleabag scene
  • giving zero fucks and how great that is
  • the importance of getting and staying healthy

And lots more!

Find out more about Sarah and Julia and listen to the wonderful Menopodcast here

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