Episode 22: Building a business with Eileen Willett and Nancy Zeffman of Cucumber Clothing

Cucumber Clothing

Join me as I interview Nancy Zeffman and Eileen Willett the founders of Cucumber Clothing, designed to keep women cool in all circumstances.

In this eye-opening interview we cover:

  • Starting a business in midlife
  • The importance of friendship, support and trust in starting Cucumber
  • What makes Cucumber Clothing special especially for midlife women
  • Having the confidence to just give it a go
  • Making the most of your empty nest
  • Capitalizing on earlier life skills to create something new
  • The importance of continuing to challenge yourselfLearning new skills in midlife
  • Coping with not knowing what you don’t know
  • Different fabrics and how environmentally they are
  • Applying sustainable principles to a business
  • Sustainable washing – we wash clothes too much

And lots more!

Find out more about Cucumber Clothing:

Website: cucumberclothing.com

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