Episode 25: Twisting the plot with Dr Cecilia Dintino and Hannah Murray Starobin

​These two are all about changing the unhelpful narratives we may hold dear and creating new stories for ourselves as we go through midlife and beyond. Anything is possible!

We talk about:

  • How they went from complaining about midlife to finding the glory in it
  • How not having any rules means you can make up your own story
  • How they met doing musical theatre
  • How you can rewrite your story at any stage of life
  • Applying fun, hope, imagination and creativity to our lives
  • How we have to fight the cultural messages to see this stage as more positive
  • The prevailing negative narrative about getting older
  • How there is always more to learn and be right to the end of life
  • The importance of remaining curious throughout life
  • How you can still grow even if you don’t have your health
  • Not being defined by being a mother, grandmother
  • Living fully until you don’t
  • The importance of questioning your own biases
  • How the midlife landscape is really changing
  • What Twisting the Plot means
  • Sharing stories about the different stages of midlife
  • You can invent your future – what you want to be may not even exist yet
  • Not going invisible to ourselves
  • Giving ourselves cultural permission to reinvent ourselves
  • Putting ourselves higher up the priority list
  • Coming together to create change
  • Not being prescriptive about being an older woman
  • Embracing our diversity as we age
  • Finding our tribe but not being confined by it
  • We don’t have to fight over resources and hierarchy
  • We are so much more powerful if we lift each other up rather than compete
  • The energy that comes from having a side hustle (when you think you don’t have time for it)
  • The Art of Possibility book
  • Learning that it’s OK to leave the box to solve the problem
  • The importance of staying curious
  • How we respond to things, and how we move forward are the invention that we have control over
  • You can’t change the story necessarily but you can change the associated feelings and how the story ends!

And lots more!

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