Episode 28: Going on a Messy Middle Road Trip with Janine and Nicole - Magnificent Midlife

Episode 28: Going on a Messy Middle Road Trip with Janine and Nicole

I interview Janine Queenin and Nicole Markel, hosts of the Messy Middle Roadtrip Podcast. In this fascinating and very wide-ranging interview we talk about almost everything under the sun from perimenopause to travel, from toxic products to being a ninja warrior! And all things midlife in between.

We cover

  • How Janine and Nicole came up with the concept and the name for their podcast, Messy Middle RoadTrip
    Getting beyond the invisibility of getting older and the embarrassment of
    Changing society’s narratives around our worship of youth
    How midlife women are a huge untapped sector of society
    How we can sometimes make ourselves invisible by our poor self-talk
    Fighting against the urge to step back
    Starting new businesses in midlife
    Disconnecting through travel
    Eliminating toxicity from the products we use everyday
    Finding inspiration for a business in illness
    Defeating psoriatic arthritis and improving psoriasis through eating clean, using clean products and lifestyle changes, rather than medication
    How labels can in be incredibly misleading
    Regulations on products are woefully inadequate and worse in the US than in Europe
    How the term fragrance can be used to hide a multiple of nasty ingredients
    In the US only 11 harmful ingredients are banned. In Europe the figure is 1300!
    How hormonal changes in midlife can highlight issues that need to be dealt and it’s important to listen to our bodies
    How stress can create a perfect storm of factors leading to ill health
    How positive natural solutions can be massively transformative
    The importance of not letting disease define you
    Trial and error in starting a business and not wanting to have a boss any more
    The importance of thinking about the environment when it comes to travelling
    The prevalence of greenwashing – making environmental claims that cannot be backed up
    How product formulations change when the small business sells out to a bigger company
    The impact of laundry detergent on skin
    The impact of inhaling vapours from synthetic cleaning products especially at home when it’s cold outside
    The importance of checking labels on products
    The impact of the toxic body buildup of ingredients on fertility and other issues including our experience of menopause
    The amazing things midlife women are doing and that they talk about on the Messy Middle Roadtrip podcast
    How little we know about teenager’s lives
    The spirit of midlife women and their willingness to share
    The importance of talking about health issues in particular
    The power behind owning your story and being proud of it

And lots more!

Find out more about Janine and Nicole, their work and the fabulous Messy Middle Road Trip podcast on their website.

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