Episode 29: Leaving medicine for yoga with Nadine Kelly, Yogi M.D. - Magnificent Midlife

Episode 29: Leaving medicine for yoga with Nadine Kelly, Yogi M.D.

Nadine Kelly was a medical doctor for many years but gave it up to be a yoga instructor.  She has a fascinating story to tell about why she did that and how she lives her life now.

In this inspiring and moving interview we talk about:

  • Why Nadine moved from being a medical doctor to teaching yoga
  • Building a different kind of life after leaving the system when medicine became more of a business
  • How Nadine is driven by respect for elders and what they have brought to her life
  • Taking a holistic approach to health and wellness rather than just focusing on curing illness
  • Why Nadine now focuses her work on older people
  • Combining medical knowledge with yoga practice to provide a well-rounded experience
  • What Nadine liked about pathology
  • Adapting a yoga practice to make it accessible for all bodies
  • Slowing things down in all aspects of our lives
  • Breaking the myths associated with doing yoga
  • No pain no gain is nonsense, but no strain no gain makes sense
  • The passion and importance of life-long learning
  • Moving beyond limiting beliefs and letting go of perfectionism
  • If you’re struggling with something, ask yourself what you’re trying to prove
  • Learning to be enough
  • Talking about death and grief with her friend
  • How we can learn from everybody
  • The power of diet and lifestyle changes in extending life with a cancer diagnosis
  • Holding space and being present to enable someone to tell their story
  • Wanting to help people and have an impact
  • How we both hate small talk
  • Ageing is a beautiful natural process and gifts come with time
  • We short-change ourselves by not seeing the beauty of ageing
  • What Nadine has learnt from podcasting

And lots more!

Find out more about Nadine, her work and her podcast on her website.

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