Episode 5: Walking the world with Melissa Talago

In this episode I talk to Melissa Talago, brand storyteller and public relations wiz about her marvelous midlife adventure, setting up Glamoraks, an online community for women who love to walk.

Melissa tells us:

  • How she set up a new global community from scratch with just a simple website and a Facebook group
  • How walking can help with stress, depression and generally make you feel amazing
  • Why walking helps you connect with fellow walkers on a deeper level quicker than other activities
  • How she got over impostor syndrome and limiting beliefs to push forward with her dream
  • How to get going with an idea with small steps rather than letting a bigger vision overwhelm you
  • How to deal with disapproval from those around you when making changes
  • Why honesty helps when starting something new and progress is better than perfection
  • How wonderful our bodies are when they work!

And lots more!

You can find out more about Melissa and Glamoraks on her website and on Facebook. You can join the Glamoraks community so you can connect with women who walk around the world here.

This podcast is an extract from a longer video interview available in our Members Club.

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