Episode 6: Changing midlife stereotypes with Kwavi Agbeyegbe

Meet midlife lifestyle coach, Kwavi Agbeyegbe, who specializes in helping women embrace midlife. She’s as passionate about changing negative midlife narratives as Rachel. She also believes now is the time for us to take action, and it’s never too late.

In this inspiring and uplifting interview we cover:

  • The differences in how midlife and ageing are perceived in Nigeria, the US and the UK
  • How Nigeria is best of the three at embracing midlife
  • Why Kwavi radically changed her eating habits in her twenties
  • How she first got into helping women with nutrition
  • Why we need to eat less as we age
  • Why it’s midlife rather than menopause that causes us to gain weight
  • The importance of weight-bearing exercise as we age
  • How Kwavi came to be modelling a swimsuit on TV at 50
  • The importance of starting and appreciating where you are
  • Running your race at your pace
  • How midlife is a time full of exciting possibilities
  • Why it’s useful to categorize food – fuel food and joy food
  • How processed food exacerbates menopause symptoms
  • Kwavi’s love of dancing
  • How the way you are living now can catch up with you
  • How menopause is nature’s wake-up call to focus on you

You can find out more about Kwavi on her website.

This podcast is an extract from a longer video interview available in our Members Club.

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