Episode 13: Thriving after divorce with Rosetta Magdalen

Rosetta Magdalen is the Dynamic Divorcée. After her own devastating divorce she’s dedicated her life to helping other women move on from divorce and get back to living a fantastic, vibrant life, hopefully far happier than before!

In this inspiring interview we talk about:

  • How divorce and any big life change can be seen as a gift
  • How we may have at least 4 different ‘lifetimes’ now that we live so much longer
  • The importance of feeling the pain after divorce, but knowing when to move on
  • Working out your role in the breakup regardless of what happened
  • Working out who you really are as an individual not part of a couple
  • Blessings in our lives often turn up looking like dragons – but suspend judgement for a while
  • How we often want to have more of an impact as we age
  • Finding our superpowers in midlife

And lots more!

Find out about more about Rosetta’s work on her website The Dynamic Divorcée!

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