Everything Seems Fine On The Outside But You're Wondering Is This All There Is To Life?

Who Am I Now? is a revolutionary experiential training program to help you discover who you were always meant to be and facilitate you owning her in just 90 days...

...so you can stop feeling like you're wasting your life, start taking action and have the impact you deserve to have.

Are you showing up 100% of yourself? Are you being true to who you really are and making the impact you dream of making?

As a woman in midlife or beyond, you've likely experienced a whole lot of ups and your fair share of downs in a pretty eventful life. You're wise, strong and resilient and have a whole lot of life ahead of you - new freedom and choices await!

So why do you sometimes, even often, feel a little flat, a little disheartened, disoriented? Why it is hard to find the energy and enthusiasm that used to be such a key part of who you are? Why is it the things that used to captivate you just don’t have the same appeal any more?  Why does it feel like you’ve lost your purpose, your way in the world?

You know you want to play big, but how? And doing what exactly? 


As we go through life, we change. By the time we get to midlife, we're different to who we once were. We're not less than we once were, but experience, both good and bad has made us different. David Bowie said, ageing is an extraordinary process whereby you become who you always should have been. I love that!

Authenticity becomes key. Being true to who you really are niggles away, if it's not how you're actually living. And with awareness of the life clock ticking, actually finding that purpose and passion that will light you up and enable you to have an impact, can become an elusive goal. But it can be hard to get focused enough to find that and yourself, with everything else going on around.

Who Am I Now? is a 12 week transformational mentoring program, combining self study, private tutor group coaching and 1-1 personalized mentoring.

It will enable you to work out exactly who you are now, what you want for your next chapter and how you can start making that happen. You'll get out of your own way, making friends with clarity and a new you, and taking action that feels utterly true to who you are now. 

There's no long program you have to make time to do, when there are so many demands on your time.

Just 12 weeks of focus and accountability to get you where you want to be. 

No more time wasting. No more feeling unfulfilled. 

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Who Am I Now? Was Created By Rachel Lankester

Rachel Lankester

Midlife Mentor, Writer, Strategist

I'm Rachel and I'm passionate about helping women bust the midlife myths about what’s possible for us, and navigate the often murky waters of midlife so you can thrive not just survive, and become who you were always meant to be.

I had a long corporate career as a Director/SVP specialising in financial communications for one of the world's leading communications consultancies in both London and New York.  I was also Group Communications Manager for a FTSE 100 company.

I speak four languages and have an MBA from Imperial College, London. 

But when early menopause hit at 41 as I was trying for a longed-for second child, it turned my world upside down, initially horribly but over time, gloriously!

I created what I failed to find to support my midlife transition - the Magnificent Midlife world.  Now in my 50s, I'm dedicated to ensuring other women get through the messy middle of life and into the magnificence that is available, as soon and as vibrantly as possible.  

With more than 10 years of connecting and working with hundreds of fellow midlife women I now know, without question, that midlife can be a doorway into our most satisfying stage of life. Once we make the decision to embrace it, we can find that elusive 'more' to life that you may have heard about, but suspected was for other people…

My role is to challenge and support you while giving you the space to explore the myriad possibilities available to you in this next chapter. Let's find out who you are now together!

The live Who Am I Now? program begins on 7 September, 2020.

What's Included?

Bite-size training modules

Six inspirational, practical bite-sized training modules guiding you through step by step how to unpick the layers, find the essence of who you are now and show up in the world as that person. 

Fortnightly online private tutor group

Time to review and consolidate what you've been learning and discovering. Additional learnings live. A regular group check-in to keep you on track. 

Three 1-1 mentoring sessions over 4 months

Personal, bespoke time with Rachel to work on issues particular to you. These can be booked any time over a four month period from the time the program starts.

Access to the Magnificent Midlife Members Club for 6 months

You'll also have access to all the fabulous resouces in the Magnificent Midlife Members Club for the duration of the program and an extra three months afterwards.

Here’s what people say about working with Rachel

"I want to say thanks Rachel for the brilliant group call tonight. Whether they're personal goals (diet and sleep!) or business (love fleshing out the visions and defining actions), it at last all feels ordinary, real and timely."

"Grab yourself a cuppa and listen to our champion midlife coach Rachel Lankester! You rock!"

"If you're like me and wondering what's next in life or how you can get there, this is for you. If you refuse to let age or anything else hold you back but you feel you need a map to help you get there and a hand to hold for support, then I definitely recommend you work with Rachel."

Here's What You'll Cover

You can join the Who Am I Now? program from anywhere in the world.

This unique experience is a blend of reflection, re-calibration, and re-energizing. We'll take steps to reignite you and give you a real sense of purpose, focus and energy again at midlife and beyond. The rest of your life is yours for the taking. But you have to step up and take it!

The key areas we'll explore together include:

1. Review

We begin with some review work to get real about what's going on right now, what needs dealing with, what to ditch and what to focus on, so we know exactly what we're working with.

Think of this as the first coat of paint on your fresh new canvas. You'll get clear on where the blocks are and what you want to prioritize during our time together.

Has Covid Made You Ready For A Different Next Chapter?
2. Reconnection

Now we focus on reconnecting to you, because you’ve probably been putting other people first for quite some time in your life. Now there’s an opportunity to reconnect to what lights you up.

We'll look at your values, core strengths, your key personality traits, what lights you up, what makes you happy and puts you in flow. We'll start imagining your new future and explore your passions. The adventure begins in earnest. 

3. Challenge

As Henry Ford said many years ago, “Whether you think you can, or you can't, you're right”' I'll help you challenge your internal narratives and self-sabotaging limiting beliefs.

We all have them and they're especially prevalent in midlife and beyond when we've had half a lifetime to create them, and negative ageing narratives get added to the mix. We'll look at taming your innner critic and boosting your confidence so you start believing anything is possible. 

4. Explore

Now you get to really explore what will light you up in your magnificent next chapter. What's going to bring you joy and resonate with who you are now. 

You'll get creative with ideas that excite and delight you. You'll experiment with possibilities and play. You'll get clear on what you don't want and where to focus your talents to bring you what you desire in your next chapter.

5. Inspiration

We're going to get you to identify and start working on a Personal Passion Project, a hobby, side hustle or main gig, whatever feels right. 

You'll do some future-you visioning to imagine what life will look like a decade hence and how you might go about creating that reality. We'll explore what needs to change in your life to support your passion.

6. Action

Now we can put together your MAP, your Magnificent Action Plan. Your personal plan will be built from everything we’ve discovered together.

It will leverage your strenths, align with your values, be woven from things that light you up, anchored in your passions, prioritize your health and welllbeing, invigorate and energize you, be balanced with calm, peace and a feeling of fulfillment.

100% Support, All The Time

This is a fully supportive and inclusive program – if you've never experienced what it's like to have a personal mentor, you're in for a transformative treat!

How it works:

  • Every fortnight you'll get a bite-sized video training for you to watch at your leisure. This will include some tasks for you to complete in preparation for our private group tutoring call
  • Every other fortnight we'll meet in our private online tutor group to discuss your findings from the video training, process issues and move you forward on your Who Am I Now? journey
  • Between sessions you'll have access to me via email and private messaging
  • I'll provide you with workbooks and checklists to reinforce our discussions and deepen your thinking as you work through the program
  • You'll be able to book three 1-1 mentoring sessions with me over the course of the program and for an additional month after the program ends
  • You'll have access to a private Who Am I Now? Facebook Group during the program to connect with others on a similar journey
  • You'll also have immediate access to the Magnificent Midlife Members Club, which is packed with relevant and valuable resources throughout the program, and for an additional three months to ensure you continue to flourish

By the end of this 12 weeks together, you'll have beautiful clarity on who exactly you are now, how to stay authentic and how to have the impact you deserve. You'll be well on the way to making that a reality.

Throughout the program you'll get full support and accountability to make it much more likely you'll stick with it and achieve the results you're dreaming of. No more procastination, self-sabotaging and time wasting!

What's The Investment?

This round of the Who Am I Now? program goes live on 7th September

The regular price is $1,295, but if you join us before midnight on 31st August, you'll get it for the early bird price of 

just $995 (approx £758). There's also a payment plan available. 

Get Your Early Bird Place On The Who Am I Now? Program! 

early bird rate

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(approx £758)

  • Lifetime access to the training materials 
  • 6 practical bite-sized training modules guiding you step by step through the program
  • Fortnightly private tutor group
  • 3 private coaching calls
  • Get between session support via email and whatsapp
  • 6 months access to all the resources in the Magnificent Midlife Members Club

Payment Plan Available

Go 1-1

Prefer 1:1 support? Upgrade to get three months of mentoring with Rachel



(approx £1445)

  • Lifetime access to the training materials
  • Get 3 months 1:1 mentoring with Rachel, with weekly breakthrough mentoring sessions
  • Get between session support via email and whatsapp
  • Lifetime access to all the resources in the Magnificent Midlife Members Club

Payment Plan Available

regular course

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  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

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  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

Early Bird Rate Ends August 31, 2020


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

I understand this is an investment in time and money, and I want you to be certain it's right for you. So you can try it out for a full 30 days after the start of the program - at my risk.

If you find after participating in the program and doing the work that it isn't for you then I will provide a full refund.

BUT you have to participate and do the work. I ask that you try out the techniques and strategies taught, before deciding it doesn't work, and in order to be eligible for a refund. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. When you click on the 'count me in' button it will take you to a checkout page which has two options: pay in full or pay in three instalments.

How are the tutor group calls run?

These are held on Zoom and you'll have access to a Google calendar so you'll know well in advance when they are and you'll also get email reminders. 

You can show up live on the call and I'll answer your questions / help you to get unstuck / celebrate your successes. Or if you genuinely can't attend live (that is by far the better option) you can email me your questions and I'll record a short video for you.

People often find they learn as much from others' questions on these calls as from their own.

Do I have to do the program in 90 days?

In an ideal world, yes. Because momentum is good. But if you have to work more slowly, that's also fine. You get lifetime access to the program materials so there's no rush there. Consider also however, that if you find you're not open to getting this done in three months, that suggests you're procrastinating and often what lies beind that is fear of making the change you're called to make. 

How much time will it take?

I understand you're  busy. This program is designed to get you results fast. Much faster than you could on your own. But you do still need to put in the work. The program learnings are designed to be quick but deep. Expect to find 2 hours per week for any training, self reflection, action and calls participation. 

Are You Ready To Get Started? 

I can't wait to meet you and get you to magnificent as soon as possible!

If you have a question I haven't covered, email me at rachel @ magnificentmidlife.com

I can't wait to get started on finding out Who You Are Now! Exciting!


Your Magnificent Midlife Mentor