Free Resources 

We're here to help make your midlife and beyond magnificent! Here are free resources to help get you started!

Finding Your Purpose (& Passion) Workbook

Do you have a niggling feeling there's more to life and you could be doing more with your next chapter? Do you crave more of a sense of purpose in life, but don't know what's going to give you that? Our Finding Your Purpose (& Passion) workbook is designed to free up your thinking and help you start exploring what's going to light you up. We all deserve to feel inspired and joyful about how we choose to live our lives.

Natural Menopause Relief Checklist - 60+ Remedies To Try

We've put together a free checklist of 60+ natural ways to help you transition vibrantly through menopause without drugs. Get natural help for hot flashes/flushes, achy joints, mood swings, irregular periods, anxiety, dryness, brain fog and lots more. Click the button below to download your copy now. 

Mojo Magic: 10 Essential Elements To Thriving In Midlife

Lost your mojo and feeling stuck? Check our free guide to getting unstuck and starting to really thrive!

  • Believe in your value, power and potential
  • Find balance so you can take on the world
  • Challenge limiting beliefs and self doubt

           And lots more...

Magnificent Midlife Success Path & Habit Tracker

Discover our five steps to a Magnificent Midlife and where you are on the journey. See the actions to take at each stage and work out which aspects of life you want to focus on to move forward.

Also get our monthly habit/activity tracker to help you start cultivating new habits.  Choose what you want to start or stop doing and track it to make it happen. Because a little accountability never hurt anyone!