Episode 110: The joy of adventure with Alice Morrison

My guest Alice Morrison is an adventurer. She’s the Indiana Jones for girls. She’s done so many things that would test anyone’s endurance. The Marathon des Sables, the Tour d’Afrique, she was the first woman to walk the full length of the Draa River in Morocco where she lives. She’s trekked through the Sahara and completed the Everest Trail Race. She’s written several books, and the most recent is Walking With Nomads. If you’ve ever wanted to go on a big adventure, this interview is for you!

We talk about:

  • Where Alice’s love of Africa and the Middle East came from
  • Alice’s childhood and how it went from great freedom to rigid structure
  • Alice’s latest book and her love of expeditions
  • What it’s like traveling as a woman in the places Alice visits
  • How English speakers can make friends better when traveling
  • Why Alice practices Ramadan even though she’s not Muslim
  • What it’s like living in a rural community in Morocco
  • Coping with fear and the problems of Covid when it comes to traveling
  • What it’s like for Alice now traveling as an older woman
  • How other cultures approach aging, especially for women
  • How Alice has become a star on TikTok
  • How to be adventurous in midlife

And more!

Find out more about Alice:

Alice’s website: alicemorrison.co.uk

Alice’s books: Walking With Nomads | Adventures In Morocco | Morocco To Timbuktu | Dodging Elephants

Register for Alice’s Upcoming Event: A Moroccan Evening with Alice Morrison | Thu, 21 July 2022 18:00 – 20:00 BST

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