Episode 142: Ending the battle with aging with Mia Maugé

Meet Mia Maugé, a 57 year old model championing broader representation in the modelling industry. She burst onto the scene in 2020 in the midst of the global pandemic when she was picked up by a modelling agency, allowing her to leave her career in digital marketing and PR . She’s passionate about occupying spaces previously reserved for those who look nothing like her, be that her hair texture and colour, age, skin tone or body type.

We talk about:

  • Mia’s experiences of Black Power as a mixed race child of the Windrush Generation growing up in the 70s
  • How she discovered her passion for writing
  • Working at Notting Hill carnival
  • How Mia became a model
  • Going public with her Instagram page in 2020
  • Facing the fear of aging
  • Dyeing her hair and finally stopping
  • How Mia connected with the community of silver sisters
  • The low point in Mia’s life
  • Elderhood as the youth of old age
  • Practicing gratitude and being grateful
  • How the language around aging has got to change
  • Aging and how society views older women
  • Being comfortable in one’s skin and knowing one’s worth
  • The importance of supporting women at any age

And more!

Mia’s website: www.miamauge.com | Instagram

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