Episode 105: How agetech will change the world with Keren Etkin

My guest today is Keren Etkin, the Gerontechnologist. She’s a gerontologist who’s written a fascinating book called The Agetech Revolution: A book about the intersection of aging and technology. We dig into the fascinating area of technology designed especially for older people.

We talk about:

  • How Keren got so passionate about agetech
  • What agetech is and why we need it
  • Why we’ll still need agetech when the digital natives are older
  • The impact of Covid on the agetech industry
  • Digital exclusion and touch screens
  • How best to develop technology for older people
  • The importance of aging in place
  • Cultural differences towards aging
  • What needs to be considered when building technology for older people
  • Keren’s agetech predictions for the next 5, 10 and 20 years
  • How we can all get better at embracing technology in general

And more!

Find more about Keren:

Keren’s website: thegerontechnologist.com

Linkedin | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify

Keren’s book: The AgeTech Revolution

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