Episode 102: Why women stay after betrayal with Anne Michaud

Anne Michaud is a veteran political journalist who reported for the Wall Street Journal and Newsday. She was named columnist of the year by the New York News Publishers Association. She recently published a new edition of her book Why They Stay: Sex scandals, deals, and hidden agendas of eight political wives. It’s a riveting read! It’s fascinating to explore the similarities and differences between how political wives behave and the rest of us!

We talk about:

  • Why Anne chose to update her book
  • The common traits of women who stay in marriages after husbands have cheated 
  • Why Elizabeth Woodville is the perfect embodiment of these common traits
  • The British couple Anne included in the book and why she specifically included them
  • How the behaviors of these wives have changed over the years
  • How the Trumps are different to everybody that Anne had previously researched
  • Who most surprised Anne amongst the couples she researched 
  • What motivated Anne to write this book
  • The parallels and differences between political and non-political wives

And more!

Find more about Anne:

Anne’s website: annemichaud.com

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Anne’s latest book: Why They Stay

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