Susan Saunders

Episode 85: How to keep your brain healthy with Susan Saunders

Susan Saunders

Susan Saunders is the co-author of the best-selling book, The Age-Well Project, and author of her latest book, The Age-Well Plan which is a blueprint for how to age well. Susan’s already been on the podcast to tell us all about what we can do to age well. That was Episode 76. This time, we’re going to talk specifically about what we can do to promote our brain health. (Click here for a summary transcription of the key points.)

We talk about:

  • Why brain health is so important and personal to Susan
  • How she lives with the knowledge of having the APOE gene
  • How inflammation hurts us as we age
  • How to reduce the impact of inflammation
  • What “zombies” are when it comes to ageing
  • How to reduce and prevent zombies in the body as we age
  • What fisetin and quercetin are and where we can find them in our everyday diets
  • The Mediterranean diet
  • Understanding our ancestors’ diets and how it can help us in the modern world
  • Intermittent fasting – what it is, why it’s good and why people like Susan do it
  • The benefits of taking a cold shower
  • Why we need to think about our gut health and why it’s an important part of eating for the brain health
  • Foods that can protect our brain health

And more!

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Susan’s books: The Age Well Project | The Age Well Plan



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