Episode 78: Empowering women financially with Rebecca Robertson

Rebecca Robertson

Meet Rebecca Robertson, an independent financial advisor who set up her own business, Evolution Financial Planning specifically to empower women financially. She’s passionate about helping women get more financially secure. She’s also convinced the world will be a much better place if more of its wealth is in the hands of women, who are then able to make better decisions with it.

We talk about:

• Why it’s so important for women to focus on their financial security
• Why it’s crucial for women to be financially empowered
• How financial security enables women to make better decisions
• The importance of being proactive about our finances and not abdicating responsibility
• Understanding the what if scenarios as you get a bit older
• The need for setting boundaries when it comes to money
• The importance of getting good legal advice when it comes to new relationships and protecting assets
• The mistakes midlife women sometimes make when it comes to money
• Having your own (emergency) funds so you don’t need to ask for money if you need/want it
• Staying up to date with the specifics of your finances and being mindful of what you need
• How women often want to understand and be more involved with investing, asking more questions than men
• How many women assume finance is not for them, but is actually what everyone needs to be doing
• The importance of your social circle on how you interact with money and finance
• The English approach to money and the cultural stigma around it
• What Rebecca means by financial abundance
• How having enough money allowed Rebecca to buy a horse
• It’s never too late to change your financial position
• Managing your money and making the most of it
• Looking at your values around your spending
• Possibilities for investing money you can afford to lose
• Rebecca’s journey from being special needs at school to successful businesswoman
• The difference to the world if more women have more of the world’s wealth

And more!

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Find out more about Rebecca:

Rebecca’s Websites: rebeccarobertson.co.uk


Listen to her podcast: Accelerating Your Wealth podcast

Watch her TEDx Talk: If women ruled the world…

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