Episode 74: Getting real about long-term health with Sam Palmer

Sam Palmer

Sam Palmer is a menopause fitness expert. She’s passionate about getting women in their best shape so they can thrive through menopause and beyond. She’s a qualified nurse, teacher, fitness instructor and menopause coach.

We talk about:
• Dealing with the anxieties of midlife
• How we all benefit from being open about menopause
• Why taking care of your body is so important
• Why midlife fitness is no longer necessarily about looking good
• Ways to change our everyday life to be more active
• How changing your lifestyle takes discipline
• Why Sam takes comfort in running
• Other ways to be active
• Making sure you don’t overdo it with exercise
• Finding what works for you
• Not carrying your wine
• Changes of lifestyle not needing to be drastic
• Why having an exercise partner can be good

And more!

Find out more about Sam:

Sam’s website: www.midlifemakeover.co.uk

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