Episode 114: Embracing silver hair and a new career with Rachel Peru (Re-Release)

Another platinum gem from the podcast archives. Meet the very lovely Rachel Peru who went from nursery school teacher to successful curve and silver-haired model in her 40s. Rachel’s waving the flag for older, more diverse women in the media. She’s going from strength to strength since embracing her authentic self and stepping forward to shine.

We talk about:

  • How the decision to go grey kick-started Rachel’s modelling career
  • The stigma that still remains about older women going grey
  • How she never would have had the confidence to do what she does now when younger
  • The importance of being body positive as we age
  • The pressures on younger women in terms of looks
  • How things are changing when it comes to talking about menopause
  • How Rachel controls the anxiety that has come on especially when travelling to modelling jobs
  • The importance of getting exercise outside
  • How words are powerful and what we say to ourselves matters
  • Rachel’s first front cover for Goldie magazine
  • How beauty is about confidence
  • Rachel’s own Out of the bubble podcast
  • How to not feel invisible
  • How reinvention can help bring energy in midlife and beyond
  • How Rachel nearly had a breast reduction because of lack of confidence

And more!

Find out more about Rachel:

Rachel’s website: LibertĂ© Free To Be

Listen to Rachel’s podcast: Liberte Free To Be With Rachel Peru

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