Episode 8: Staying fit and healthy long term with Lisa Swanson

An interview with Lisa Swanson, a certified health and nutrition coach, and personal trainer. She’s focused on helping women in midlife and beyond get and stay healthy long term.

In this inspiring and wide-ranging interview we cover:

  • Why Lisa is passionate about helping women in midlife and beyond get health and fitness right
  • How her business enables her to do her other passion – rescuing dogs!
  • How diets don’t work and we should stop doing them
  • Why it’s different for women in midlife when it comes to staying fit and healthy
  • The other factors at play when it comes to taking care of ourselves
  • How the menopause gets a bad rap for some of our midlife issues
  • The importance of listening to our bodies
  • Getting enough of the right balance of macro-nutrients
  • Understanding the importance of muscle failure when doing weight lifting
  • How Lisa’s anxiety was most helped by proper nutrition and exercise
  • The dangers of a sedentary lifestyle
  • The importance of having goals for your health and wellness
  • Working out what lifestyle works for you
  • Tracking your food and exercise
  • How being busy shouldn’t be a badge of honor
  • Coping with the current anger in the world
  • How we need more yin energy in the world
  • Challenging derogatory language such as song lyrics
  • Making the most of an empty nest
  • Lisa’s morning routine

And lots more!

Find out more about Lisa: bodyandsoulcoaching.com

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