Episode 61: Surviving a Somali desert kidnapping with Jessica Buchanan

Jessica Buchanan

Meet the remarkable Jessica Buchanan, the NYT bestselling co-author of Impossible Odds, a memoir that details her 93 days held in the desert by Somali land pirates, and her dramatic rescue by US Navy SEAL Team VI. I am so inspired by Jess and found this such an empowering story of survival against truly impossible odds that can help all of us cope better under duress.

We talk about:

  • How Jess finds the strength to keep telling her survival story to the world.
  • How she fell in love with Africa and met her husband.
  • Her work as an aid worker in Africa and particularly in Somalia.
  • How she kept herself going day to day with nothing in the desert.
  • Anger management in the desert when she wasn’t allowed to show any emotion.
  • How she survived the ordeal and even found herself in the desert.
  • Meeting the Navy seals who rescued her and finally realizing she was the hero of her own story.
  • The story of the night she was rescued.
  • Jess’s President Obama story.
  • The difficulties of surviving survival and trying to rebuild a life.
  • Moving on from trauma and in fact, owning it.
  • Her Tedx talk – change is your proof of life.
  • Learning to collaborate with whatever is coming at us in life rather than fighting it.
  • The healing power of nature.

And more!

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Jessica Buchanan

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