Episode 54: Women and leadership with Dr Joanna Martin

Women and leadership

An interview with Dr Joanna Martin founder of One of Many, a women’s leadership community which started in the UK and is now global through its online community and trainings. She was a medical doctor and an actor before finding her mission as a coach helping women lead.

You can read a summary transcription of this podcast: How To Facilitate More Female Leadership

We talk about:

  • Why Jo is so passionate about helping women step into leadership roles
  • The importance of grassroots women’s leadership
  • Why women tend to burn out so easily
  • The importance of setting boundaries so we can thrive better
  • Why women are generally more unhappy now than at the time of the Women’s Liberation Movement
  • Why women need to find a new kind of power to be consistently effective
  • How midlife women are often drawn to take more of a leadership role but need to find a way to do that without burning out
  • Reframing feminine power as soft power – it does not mean weak
  • We can bring more femininity to our lives without that being a mark against us
  • How Covid has brought out wonderful examples of soft power leadership from women
  • The five women’s power types and why they’re so powerful
  • How we can access these power types to help us face challenges and access our strength
  • The shared vision of women wanting to make a difference in the world
  • The power of women coming together to effect positive change such as in the NHS during Covid, detention centres and environmental initiatives
  • How Jo’s medical, family and drama background impacted her work today
  • The importance of seeing issues from multiple perspectives
  • The power of the habit of morning writing (Artist’s Way morning pages) and how that impacted Jo’s life
  • How women can become better leaders
  • Getting clear on our strengths and what we each can do

And more!

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Jo’s website

One of many

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