Episode 65: Seeing light at the end of the tunnel solo with Rachel

A solo catchup episode with Rachel talking about:

  • My joy at the US election result
  • Not taking democracy for granted
  • Life under lockdown in the UK
  • The roadmap out of lockdown
  • Being able to finally see my mum – I hope
  • How Christmas plans went askew
  • Not having time to waste when you’re 86
  • Making the best of separation
  • Vaccination rollout and accepting the jab
  • My amazing recent podcast guests
  • Finding resilience from hearing Jessica Buchanan’s desert kidnap nightmare
  • Jackie Lynch and how to have a happy menopause
  • How we go from what to who in midlife
  • The pole dancing queen Makeda Smith
  • Making more of a difference with Alisoun Mackenzie
  • How I failed to get into the BBC but now have my own podcast
  • The importance of self-care and building our resilience
  • Radical replenishment so we’re ready for the end of lockdown

And more!

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