Episode 148: Why we need more MenoClarity

Something very different for this podcast – five guests on one show! Five of my fellow founders of MenoClarity, the knowledge hub for menopause set up in 2023. I’m talking to Pat Duckworth, Prof Joyce Harper, Clarissa Kristjansson, Kate Codrington and Ann Marie McQueen about why we’ve come together and what we hope to achieve with MenoClarity. This is a wild and at times hilarious conversation!

We talk about:

  • The menopause myths we’re hoping to bust
  • Bringing some positivity to menopause without being Pollyannaish about it
  • Establishing a middle reliable ground in the currently very polarized menopause world
  • Bringing clarity to what symptoms are really due to menopause and what might not be
  • Cherry picking research findings to suit certain narratives
  • The dangers of getting information from social media
  • Providing trusted sources of information
  • The three stages of womanhood – none should be the default, they all matter
  • How we’re not broken in midlife and we don’t need fixing
  • Our inaugural online summit on Friday 29 September – MenoClarity Live: Menopause Without The Hype

And more!

MenoClarity’s website: menoclarity.com

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Book mentioned: The Slow Moon Climbs: The Science, History, and Meaning of Menopause

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