Episode 167: Menopause in Africa with Sue Mbaya

Sue Mbaya is the founder and director of Menopause Solutions Africa and host of the Pause for Menopause podcast. She’s leading menopause awareness in Africa and seeking to normalize the change while empowering women. She has over 20 years of policy advocacy, advisory and development experience at national, regional and global levels with a focus on African States and the African Union. Sue’s work and influence in the area of menopause have been recognized globally and I was delighted to be able to entice her onto the podcast!

We talk about:

  • How Sue became so involved and passionate about menopause
  • The impact of stress and other life events on menopause symptoms
  • The psychological impact of menopause and the decision to use HRT
  • The challenges of getting access to healthcare in Africa
  • How menopause is not prioritized in Africa
  • The differences in terms of appreciation, knowledge, sentiment towards menopause as well as women getting older in general
  • Gendered ageism
  • The disparity in access to help and healthcare across the continent
  • 1 gynecologist for every 100,000 women in Kenya
  • Progress and initiatives in menopause awareness in Africa
  • Changing narratives so women don’t have to just power through menopause

And more!

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Podcast: Pause for Menopause

Sue’s article in The Guardian: A menopause revolution is stirring in Africa – I’m helping it to succeed

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