Episode 156: Staying fit as we age with Elaine Reynolds

Elaine Reynolds is a master personal trainer and yoga teacher. She teaches women over 50 to not give up or give in with the crazy things happening to our bodies. She had an epiphany at 50 and bought a one way ticket to Bali, where she lives now. 

We talk about:

  • What’s it like being an expat in Bali and what she loves most about it
  • Elaine’s passion of helping older women stay fit
  • Issues that older women are grappling with in midlife
  • Menopause, aging and fitness
  • The importance of strengthening and stabilising muscles around joints to support aging bodies and improve recovery from injuries
  • Incorporating dynamic movements like yoga, barre, pilates, functional strength training, and low-impact cardio into workouts to lengthen the body and improve overall fitness
  • The importance of changing exercise habits after 50 to prioritize how one feels
  • Pain management and exercise for women in their 50s and beyond
  • The importance of glute strength
  • Knee problems and fascial release
  • The importance of holistic healing, including mental well-being, and how it can help alleviate physical ailments
  • Incorporating meditation in your daily routine

And more!

Elaine’s website: corestrength50plus.com

Instagram | Facebook

Resource mentioned: Flat Butt & Hip Strengthening Sequence

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