Episode 129: Menopause and nutrition with Karen Newby

Karen Newby

Karen Newby is a nutritionist who’s been practicing nutritional therapy for over 10 years. Her area of specialism is women’s hormonal health, especially menopause. She’s the author of The Natural Menopause Method, a nutritional guide to perimenopause and beyond. This woman knows so much about nutrition and women’s hormones. This is a brilliant and empowering conversation.

We talk about:

  • How we can best prepare ourselves for perimenopause
  • The first signs of perimenopause that Karen sees and what can be done about those
  • Good and bad estrogens
  • What we can learn from other cultures in terms of food and hormones
  • The importance of phytoestrogens
  • Food as medicine
  • How to stop sugar cravings and why they happen
  • Why modern life can make menopause worse
  • Why women may get heavier periods as they move into perimenopause
  • The importance of maintaining blood sugar levels
  • The role of the adrenal glands
  • Why we need to get better at managing stress
  • Why there is no easy fix when it comes to menopause
  • The six easy shifts to make to support us in perimenopause
  • Why we need to start putting ourselves first

And more!

Find more about Karen:

Karen’s website: karennewby.com

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Linkedin

Karen’s book: The Natural Menopause Method: a nutritional guide to perimenopause and beyond

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Karen Newby

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