Episode 161: The embodied experience of postmenopause with Stella Duffy

Stella Duffy is an award-winning writer of 17 novels, over 70 short stories and 15 plays who’s also worked in theatre for 35 years as an actor, director and facilitator. She’s a psychotherapist and a yoga teacher. She recently completed her doctorate in existential psychotherapy and her research was in the embodied experience of post-menopause. She’s been post-menopausal since chemotherapy for breast cancer in her mid-30s. Stella has been active in equalities and diversity work in the arts and LGBTQ+ communities for many decades.

We talk about:

  • Stella’s experience of menopause coinciding with six months of chemotherapy
  • Menopause as a global issue
  • Challenging existing narratives
  • Societal factors and the impact of money
  • Cultural differences in menopause
  • The UK’s influence on menopause narratives
  • Alternative perspectives on menopause
  • The importance of lifestyle factors
  • Societal perceptions of post-menopausal women in a patriarchal culture
  • Dismantling misogynistic stereotypes
  • Being inclusive about societal expectations and challenges related to aging
  • The societal pressure on women regarding fertility and how it contributes to defining their value.

And more! This is such a rich and empowering conversation.

You can also watch this interview on YouTube.

Stella’s websites: stelladuffy.blog | stelladuffytherapy.co.uk

Twitter/ X | Instagram | Threads

https://stelladuffy.blog & https://stelladuffytherapy.co.uk


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Stella Duffy
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