Episode 98: From procrastination to personal power with Dr Christine Li

Dr Christine Li is the Procrastination Coach. She’s a clinical psychologist who helps people find their creativity, confidence and calm. She has a wonderful podcast called Make Time For Success.

Why do we so easily get in our own way? Why is it easier to procrastinate and what can we do about that? Listen in to find out how we can realize our personal power. This is a very fun and empowering episode.

We talk about:

  • Why Christine has focused in on procrastination
  • Why we procrastinate, especially women
  • Ways in which we procrastinate
  • How we can stop procrastinating
  • The role of anxiety in procrastination
  • What Christine has learnt from doing a podcast
  • The intimacy and authenticity of podcasting
  • What she has learnt from her podcast guests
  • What I have learnt from my podcast guests – Christine turns the tables on Rachel

And more!

Find more about Christine:

Christine’s website: www.procrastinationcoach.com

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Listen to her podcast: www.maketimeforsuccesspodcast.com

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