Episode 139: Rewilding Britain with Rebecca Wrigley

Rebecca Wrigley is one of the founders of Rewilding Britain, and now its chief executive. She has worked in the voluntary and public sectors for 23 years, and is passionate about engaging local communities in decision-making about their land and resources. There is so much we can all contribute to protecting the environment, starting with rewilding, often on our doorstep.

We talk about:

  • How Rewilding Britain got started
  • The unique contribution it makes
  • The highlights of Rewilding Britain since it started
  • How people can show support for the initiative and make a difference
  • Why rewilding is so important to the environment and climate change
  • Beavers as an example of an ecosystem engineer
  • How a peat bog can hold carbon
  • Understanding the keystone species 
  • Species Rebecca would like to see reintroduced to Britain
  • How we all benefit from prioritising nature 
  • Diversification of jobs and livelihoods
  • Frustrations about the work Rebecca does
  • Top lessons we can learn about rewilding 

And more!

You can find out more about Rebecca:

Website: rewildingbritain.org.uk

Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin

Additional resource:

Unlocking Nature’s Secrets: The Serengeti Rules – BBC Documentary

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