Episode 97: Alcoholism and hiking the PCT with Person Irresponsible

I interview Person Irresponsible, the incognito author of Everything You Ever Taught Me, about her solo trek along the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada and her experience of being an alcoholic. This is a hilarious and very inspiring interview, with incredible vulnerability, wit and wisdom from PI. This amazing woman walked 2,650 miles, carried everything she needed on her back and did 70% of the trek alone.

We talk about:

  • Why PI is incognito
  • What it means to be a recovering alcoholic
  • How alcohol consumption and dependence has increased exponentially during the pandemic
  • When drinking becomes alcoholism
  • Why she decided to do this crazy trek
  • What it means to be a thru-hiker
  • The people PI met on the hike
  • Walking together versus walking alone
  • Being a solo female on the trail
  • Being a thru-hiker during the Covid pandemic
  • What PI learnt about herself from the trek
  • Why she’s thinking of doing another long trek
  • The impact of coming home after something this huge
  • The pain of walking 2,650 miles
  • What she learnt about herself doing this challenge

And more!

PI’s website: www.mlconaquad.com

PI’s book: Everything You Ever Taught Me: If you’ve got a lot on your mind, go for a walk…

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