Episode 158: Being a veteran with Cat Corchado

Cat Corchado

Cat Corchado is a US Air Force veteran turned founder of the Small Space Pilates Community. She’s made it her mission to help women veterans transition from the military, and is the host of the Sisters in Service podcast.

We talk about:

  • Why Cat is still very active in the military community
  • Women veterans’ transition challenges and successes
  • The Sisters in Service podcast
  • The importance of identifying oneself beyond military service (as the transition to civilian life can be challenging)
  • What first took Cat into the military and where she served
  • Cat’s transition from the military and feeling a sense of loss and uncertainty after leaving 
  • The importance of acknowledging and embracing ones veteran status
  • Recognizing and supporting veterans in the UK and US
  • Cat’s experience of being a single parent in the military 
  • Cat’s journey of leaving the corporate world for fitness full-time
  • The importance of weightlifting for women especially as they age
  • The negative impact of ageism on women’s fitness and the importance of challenging these stereotypes
  • Why women need to do Pilates
  • The importance of finding a qualified Pilates instructor who can tailor the workout to your needs and goals
  • The danger of burnout and getting stuck in busyness

And more!

Cat’s Website: smallspacepilates.com | Podcast: Sisters in Service Podcast

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