Episode 162: Discovering the joy of volunteering with Ann Marie Jackson

Ann Marie Jackson

Ann Marie Jackson is the co-founder of microlending organization Mano Amiga and works with Casita Linda, which builds homes for families living in poverty in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. She’s lived as an expat in Mexico for a decade, is a columnist for Mexico Daily News and recently wrote a novel inspired by her life called the Broken Hummingbird.

We talk about:

  • Why Ann Marie moved her family to Mexico
  • The joys of living in San Miguel de Allende
  • Ann Marie’s passion for volunteering
  • Her experience working on human rights in China
  • The dangers of white saviourism and how to navigate that
  • The migration of Mexicans and other people to the US
  • Issues at the Mexico-US border
  • Casita Linda and how it helps families in poverty
  • Microlending organisations
  • The Healing Words Project
  • Writing a novel
  • How we can all give back more

And more!

You can also watch this interview on YouTube.

Anne Marie’s website: annmariejacksonauthor.com

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter/ X

Her book: The Broken Hummingbird: A Novel

Organizations & Project: manoamigasma.org | casitalinda.org | healingwordsproject.com

Las Abogadas Documentary Film Trailer

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Ann Marie Jackson
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