Episode 124: Diversity, equality and being a mature woman with Dawn-Maria France

Dawn-Maria France is an award-winning journalist and editor-in-chief of Yorkshire Women’s Life magazine. She’s a travel writer, children’s author and broadcaster, and is passionate about women’s rights, equality and diversity.

We talk about:

  • How Dawn-Maria came to be the editor of Yorkshire Women’s Life magazine
  • Why Dawn-Maria is so passionate about equality and diversity
  • Being genuine in photographs and fighting back against retouching
  • Issues around mental health especially in the black and brown community
  • The impact of racism on mental health
  • Healthcare and women of colour
  • Finding a voice distinct from her community
  • The challenge and delight of writing empowering stories for children
  • The challenges of writing a children’s book
  • Being childless by choice but still choosing to write for children
  • Dawn-Maria’s thoughts on the current UK economic difficulties
  • The power that comes to women in midlife

And more!

Find out more about Dawn-Maria:

Website: yorkshirewomenslife.co.uk

Dawn-Maria’s book: The Adventures of Jenny and Philip: The Naughtiest Girl in the World and The Adventures of Jenny and Philip: We All Need Friends

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