Episode 144: The power of yoga for menopause with Niamh Daly

Niamh Daly is the founder of Yinstinct Yoga and focuses on creating yoga practices to help especially with menopause, training teachers around the world in this. She also runs courses in Menopause Awareness and Strategies for fitness professionals, nutrition and health coaches as well as accredited courses for Psychotherapists and Counsellors.

We talk about:

  • Why Niamh is so passionate about yoga and especially for menopause
  • How to adapt our practice through menopause and as we age
  • The stages of menopause
  • The importance of pleasure
  • Connecting with our nervous systems
  • What we can learn by listening to our bodies
  • The importance of movement throughout the day
  • Being cautious of people making big promises about menopause
  • Looking out for misleading narratives
  • Learning to trust ourselves

And more!

Niamh’s website: yinstinctyoga.com

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