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We believe menopause matters. The more we know about it, the less of a taboo it is, the more agency we have over our experience of it and the more of a positive experience it can be. Here are some more of our extensive resources on perimenopause and menopause. We also have several menopause podcasts which you can find here.

Rachel's Book

A wise and upbeat guide to an empowered midlife

Rachel Lankester makes a compelling argument that ageing, rather than being something to dread and fear, holds the key to our true strength and freedom. Every woman in her middle years should read this encouraging, energizing book. The woman you are becoming will thank you.

- Amazon Reviewer

A must read for all Midlife and menopausal women

Rachel has compiled a wonderfully informative read here. I have listened to her amazing podcast series Magnificent Midlife where she is up for challenging the old stories associated with this time in women's lives. For too long the knowledge base around menopause has been sorely lacking. It is great to have another book spotlight Midlife Women's wellbeing. We are indeed a new generation of Midlife women. A highly recommended read.

- Amazon Reviewer

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